A collection of poems and artworks created by over 100 poets and artists from Hong Kong, in memorial of the death of the Chinese labour activist, Li Wang Yang on 6 June 2012. 

The book is self-published by the group 'We're Li Wang Yang', which is formed by individuals from the art and cultural profession in Hong Kong. The call for submission of poetry and artwork begun on 7 June 2012, collected works were then being sung and presented during a protest on 10 June 2012. 

2000 copies were being distributed free of charge during a protest on 1 July 2013.

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我們的獄中書, 我們的遺言

- LIU Waitong, 廖偉棠


- IP Lamchong, 葉蔭聰

附錄一: 行動宣言 - 未竟之志,成為眾人

附錄二: 記「我們都是李旺陽」的感動碎片

- Hott, 何比

附錄三: 守護每一個人 - 我們都是李旺陽

- Siu Ding, 小丁

詩歌永不妥協 - 寫在李旺陽被自殺一周年

- Kitty HUNG, 洪曉嫻

附錄四: 蒙上眼, 一起走後感

- CHO Man, 曹文
We are Li Wang Yang
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We are Li Wang Yang, 我們都是李旺陽