The Suojiacun Art Camp is located in the suburb of Beijing. Artists started to gather since the beginning of 2004. Until June 2005, there are 109 Chinese artists and 17 artists from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, USA, France, Italy, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Australia and New Zealand who have studios in the Camp.

The Chaoyang District Law Court declared that the use of the space as art studios was in breach of its original purpose (was built to be used as warehouses) and therefore should be stopped. 16 June was meant to be the last day for the Space to be used as studios, however, on the same day, the Art Camp organised an open-studio exhibition and the artists led a demonstration in hope of saving the Space. Neither the Court nor the police had taken any action to move the artists out of the Art Camp. The present clipping offers the history of and problems facing the Suojiacun Art Camp and its occupants, with views from artists, gallery owners as well as the manager of the Suojiacun Committee.
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20 Jun 2005

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The Economic Observer, 20 Jun 2005, Section Arts & Leisure, p. 53

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Will the Suojiacun Art Camp in Beijing be pulled down?, 索家村藝樹營:拆與不拆之間