Wu Tien-Chang is an artist based in Taiwan. He is most famous for his socio-political commentary work through oil painting and digital photography. The artist shifts from photography to video art in recent years, returning to the latter’s incorporation into installations. It is seen that he creates a complex world in each of his works. The book introduces the works of Wu according to different periods of his style.

Including plates and a biography of Wu Tien-Chang.
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Wu tian zhang 1984-2013

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Summoning Spirits Through Art: Reading Wu Tien-Chang's Theatre of Lust and Desire | 以藝術喚魅 論呉天章的情慾劇場 - WANG Chiachi Jason, 王嘉驥
1980s, Oil Painting | 八零年代 油畫時期
1990s, Mixed Media | 九零年代 多媒材時期
The Illusionary Lens | 那幻魅的相鏡 - Leslie J. URENA
2000s, Digital Images | 千禧年代 數位影像時期
Skin Devil | 皮魔 - Hsin CHEN, 陳莘
Endless Möbius | 無盡的迴膜 - Sianghong HSIAO, 蕭翔鴻
2010s, Video | 二零一零 錄像時期
Wu Tien-Chang 1984-2013
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Wu Tien-Chang 1984-2013, 呉天章 1984-2013