This is a monograph of Japanese artist Yoko Ono, published to accompany her solo exhibition at the Japan Society Gallery in New York in 2001. The exhibits presented here are drawn primarily from three collections: the artist's collection; The Gilbert and Lila Silverman Fluxus Collection, Detroit; and The Gilbert and Lila Silverman Collection, also in Detroit. The accompanying essays and contributions, offering a comprehensive documentation of the life and art of Yoko Ono, are written by leading scholars and critics in various arts fields including visual arts, film, music, performance studies and cultural history.
Besides a chronology and a bibliography, this monograph includes an index as well as a CD (catalogued separately at CD.000248) featuring music produced by Yoko Ono.

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Chapter headings
Introduction - Spirit of YES: The Art and Life of Yoko Ono - Alexandra MUNROE
Introduction - Yoko Ono and Fluxus - Jon HENDRICKS
On Yoko - The Making of Yoko Ono; Prophet of the 1960s - Murray SAYLE
On Yoko - Not Here - David A. ROSS
On Yoko - Notes on the Ballad of John and Yoko - Jann S. WENNER
Yoko Works - Scores and Instructions - Instructions for a World of Stickiness: The Early Conceptual Work of Yoko Ono - Bruce ALTSHULER
Yoko Works - Early Objects - Somewhere for the Dust to Cling: Yoko Ono's Paintings and Early Objects - Joan ROTHFUSS
Yoko Works - Events and Performances - Being Updyed: The Meeting of Mind and Matter in Yoko Ono's Events - Kristine STILES
Yoko Works - Advertisements - Nothing IsReal: Yoko Ono's Advertising Art - Kevin CONCANNON
Yoko Works - Films and Video - Erotic Conceptualism: The Films of Yoko Ono - Chrissie ILES
Yoko Works - Music - Music of the Mind from the Voice of Raw Soul - Edward M. GOMEZ
Yoko Works - Yoko Now - Bronze Age - Alexandra MUNROE
Yoko Works - Yoko Now - When Idea Becomes Form - Fumio NANJO, 南條史生
Yoko Works - Yoko Now - Urban Space as Art Space: 'A Celebration of Being Human' - Kai BAUER
Yoko Works - Yoko Now - The Interactive Field of Art - Achille BONITO OLIVA
Yoko Works - Yoko Now - Yoko Ono's Conceptual Photography - Lars SCHWANDER
Yoko Works - Yoko Now - Seduction of the Gaze and Life Experience in the Work of Yoko Ono - Pablo J. RICO
Mapping Yoko - Anthology: Writings by Yoko Ono - Jon HENDRICKS
Mapping Yoko - Chronology: Exhibitions; Concerts; Events; etc. - Reiko TOMII, 富井玲子
Mapping Yoko - Bibliography - Kevin CONCANNON
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