A survey of the post-1975 generation of Chinese artists.  The editors chose 30 artists born between 1975 and 1981, including 6 duos, to represent the post 70s generation that has lived the period of China's rapid modernization to give an exemplary overview of different artistic positions. The editors claim that notwithstanding the growth in video, multi-media, and installation art, painting is still very much the “driving force in the contemporary art scene.” Accordingly, the selections made broadly mirror the variety of media work, in video, photography, animation, performance, installation, sculpture, and graphic arts. Several essays contextualizing the "new China" are followed by artists' profiles and interviews.
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Collective Memory--Milestones from the 70s to Today - XIA Juan
Full-Throttle Urbanization--Environment, Urban Landscape, and Architecture - Christian TAEUBERT, LOU Naudia
Talking Business--Economy, Start-Ups, and Careers - Cordelia STEINER
Me and You--Love, Sex, and Relationships - ZHONG Lily
My Car, My Handbag, My Mobile--Lifestyle, Status, and Brands - Dirk JEHMLICH
Avatar and Superstar--TV, Internet, and SMS - CHAU James
Pump It Up!--Sports, Health, and Nutrition - Rock
Young Chinese Artists: The Next Generation
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Young Chinese Artists: The Next Generation

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