Artist monograph published to showcase Glass Flower in Blossom, Yuan Xiaofang's new series of paintings, also as a retrospective of the artist.

'It is not hard to find that Yuan always usese the techniques that he needs most: use the leectronic digital technology, photography, three-dimensional technology or animated effect as supplements to express the ideas with drawing techniques. The meaning and the scene combined into one in the works. No matter from the green mountains and waters, Flying Plan to Glass Flower in Blossom, we can all regard the drawing process of Yuan as a vigorous artistic research. In the times, artists finish his artistic tasks at different periods and think his interesting problems. They want to keep in step with the times. What supports artists at the back are always, we mentioned before, the responsibility and pride of the cultural inheritance & spreading. Chinese culture at every period changes according to the actual situation, sometimes the Chan sect, sometimes the cuisine, but at the back of these are constance of cultural pride and self-confidence.' -excerpted from 'Facile and Graceful—The painting works of Yuan Xiaofang' by Li Yuan

Includes images of artworks, artist's biography, transcript of a conversation between Li Juchuan and the artist, and two articles written by Lu Hong and Li Yuan respectively.

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LU Hong, 魯虹

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Plurality Space
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Yuan Xiaofang: Plurality Space, 袁曉舫:複數空間