'This book is a record of the process, from conception, and ultimately, to exhibition, by which Zhan Wang created his largest installation piece, My Personal Universe. A wealth of documentation from the creative process is included, which take the reader behind-the-scenes for a first-hand look at the difficulties and challenges. The story begins with the search for the gigantic boulder used in the work. We are then led through the process of how it was blown up in mid-air and captured on high speed film from multiple angles, and also about hanging the stainless steel, replica rock fragments. Finally we see Zhan Wang replay the explosion in super slow motion on six massive screens, an astonishing moment as the artist recreates the birth of a new universe.' - excerpt from back flap

Includes artist interview, My Personal Universe project timeline, sketches, exhibition images, and documention of previous works.

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Art Bears Witness to the Times | 藝術見證著時代


Big Bang | 宇宙大爆炸

- Jérôme SANS

A Chronicle of Trials and Tribulations in Fei County | 費縣磨難記

- ZHAN Wang, 展望

Explosive Beginnings and Endings | 爆炸的始終

- Jérôme SANS, ZHAN Wang, 展望

Building, Breaking and Rebuilding: Formation of A Conceptual Sculptor | 創建、破壞、再建: 一個觀念雕塑家是怎樣煉成的

- Paula TSAI, 蔡秉橋

Zhan Wang: My Personal Universe
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Zhan Wang: My Personal Universe, 展望: 我的宇宙