This is the first in a series of books to be published by Ink Studio, focusing on Chinese ink art. Each of the essays in this volume takes a different approach to illuminating Zheng Chongbin's art. They discuss Zheng's developmental process as his visual language dialectically evolves; the role of American Abstract Expressionism on his approach to abstraction; Zheng's deconstruction of the old visual language of ink painting while preserving its prime criterion of qiyun; his construction of a new 'Ink Language System' by relating contemporary art concepts to the classical ink language; and his explication of his own artistic practice, illustrating how China's classical art theory can be changed to meet the needs of contemporary ink artists and artists in general.

Includes a timeline and a biograohy of Zheng, a bibliography, an index and plates.



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Zheng zhong bin: zhan wu shu | Contemporary Chinese Ink Series | 當代中國水墨系列

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Introduction: Toward an Integration of Art-Critical Frames / 名家評論薈萃

- Britta ERICKSON, 林似竹

Establishing Spirit in the Sea of Ink: Zheng Chongbin from Impulse to Form / 愈意愈形鄭重賓:於墨海中立精神

- Britta ERICKSON, 林似竹

Zheng and Abstract Expression: An Introduction

- Kenneth WAYNE

The Classical Origins of Contemporary Abstraction / 當代抽象繪畫源流考

- Craig YEE, 余國樑

Contemporizing Tradition / 當代化之傳統:鄭重賓的'水墨語言系統'

- Amjad MAJID

Expressions in Ink / 水墨表白:略論水墨的當代語言

- ZHENG Chongbin, 鄭重賓

My Reading of Shitao's Remarks on Painting / 我讀畫語錄

- ZHENG Chongbin, 鄭重賓

A Reordering of Xie He's Six Laws / 六法新論

- ZHENG Chongbin, 鄭重賓

Selections from Artist Interviews
Zheng Chongbin: Impulse, Matter, Form
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Zheng Chongbin: Impulse, Matter, Form, 鄭重賓:占物術