This publication is produced on occasion of US-based Chinese artist Zheng Chongbin's solo exhibition at Asia Art Center, Beijing, from November 2012 to February 2013. It consists of the artist's work from 2011 to 2012, where his paintings were created to fit the space in the gallery space of the Asia Art Center in the 798 Art District in Beijing. The paintings mostly employ black and white ink on rice paper, which is what Zheng is known for.

Three series are represented in the exhibition, namely the 'Architectonics Series,' 'Geometry Series,' and 'Variations Series.' The artist finishes his paintings at the gallery site, as he believes that the environment frames the painting.

In addition to using the painting's environment to frame the artwork, the artist represents black and white ink in a multi-dimensional, tactile form. He plays with light and shadows by employing white ink on black, and uses acrylic paint to vary the surface of the painting itself. Zheng prefers to use the word 'floating' to describe the fluidity of Chinese ink and the absorbency of the rice paper medium. Ink, as opposed to oil for paintings, is difficult to dictate on the medium and is an unstable substance; thus, Zheng's paintings contain a sense of urgency and inevitability of the unpredictable outcome of each work.

Includes artist biography and essays.

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Zheng chong bin: guang/mo

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Know the White but Keep the Black / 知其白,守其黑 - ZHENG Shengtian, 鄭勝天
Negotiating between Light and Ink / 光/墨 - Hweekoon TAN, 陳慧君
Medium Above All - Examining the Work of Zheng Chongbin / 媒介至上:探討鄭重賓的藝術 - Mary AGNEW
Zheng Chongbin: Negotiating between Light and Ink
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Zheng Chongbin: Negotiating between Light and Ink, 鄭重賓:光/墨