Days of Cannibalism

Three Locations – Three Economies
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Three Locations – Three Economies

The Hotel, the Bar, the Cattle Post.

Days of Cannibalism is a film about the people living in the shadow of the China/Africa trade axis.
It starts in a hotel in Guangzhou, China and moves to a bar in a village called Ha Sekake, in Lesotho, Southern Africa that leads to a cattle post in Lesotho’s high mountains.

It’s a film about three economies:
It moves from the hotel where the import/export economy of global capitalism plays out, to the small scale capitalism in the village with its bar called Days of Cannibalism to the violence of a cattle raid.

Cows to the Basotho have a greater than monetary value; they are traditionally an extension of the self, so a cattle raid is an act of metaphoric cannibalism and is thus at the very core, a metaphor for what happens in the other two locations and economic systems.



Teboho Edkins is a film maker. These photographs are part of the research process for Days of Cannibalism, a film project in development that takes place between Guangzhou and Lesotho.




Sun, 1 Dec 2013

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