Photologue | A Breath of Fresh Air for International Art Exhibitions in Japan: The Aichi Triennale

The inaugural Aichi Triennale has just begun in Nagoya, the third largest city in Japan. Under the theme ‘Arts and Cities’, the Triannale explores the very concept of holding a large-scale, international exhibition in a city. Artistic director Akira Tatehata and an international curatorial team of six, including Pier Luigi Tazzi, Jochen Volz, Masahiko Haito, Takashi Echigoya, Eri Karatsu, and Emmanuelle de Montgazon, selected approximately 130 artists from around the world, in accordance with three features supporting the theme, ‘Spectacle’, ‘The Cutting Edge’, and ‘Complexity.’

Artworks are being exhibited at several venues including the Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art, the Aichi Art Center, the Nagoya City Art Museum, and a warehouse building in the Nayabashi area. In addition to these venues, site-specific installations are being shown in the streets and at vacant storefronts in the Choja-machi area, one of the major wholesale textile districts in Japan. This reflects Tatehata’s aim to transform the city into a space for the imagination. Tatehata also stated that he hopes that all participants including artists, curators, and the audience, share the state of “Absolute Beginners” when viewing this newly launched triennial. The launch of the Aichi Triennale and another festival taking place at the same time in Japan, the Setouchi International Art Festival, at least gives us the expectation that this will be an interesting new decade for international exhibitions held in Japan.




Takayuki KUBOTA

Wed, 1 Sep 2010

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