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Platform is a project which features a series of activities; two major exhibitions, a seminar, and a live performance. It presents works by ten of Thailand’s emerging artists and two visiting Australian artists. In both exhibitions, “Platform: About Installation” and “Platform: New Media Lab”, the artists deliberately explore the possibilities of how the installation and new media formats, not only provide the means or “platform(s)” to deliver their messages, but their approaches are to find “platform(s)” which can nurture artist-to-artist collaboration and artists-audience relationship. Although each of them portrays different subjects, what they have in common is the notion to incorporate elements which allow audience to experience and take part in the art making process. AAA was the official documentation arm for the Platform project in Bangkok and footage includes all event as well as video interview with the artists participating. In the seminar on "The art of Documentation", I participated as a facilitator in a session on "How do new media (including installation, multimedia and digital image technologies) affect the documentation of contemporary art?" The exhibition period extends from November 9, 2006 until December 16, 2006. A seminar was held on December 7 to look at the role that new and digital media play in archiving art works and activities. On December 8, the two sound artists Koichi Shimizu and Akritchalerm Kalayanamitr presented their sound installation in the form of a live performance.





Fri, 1 Dec 2006

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