Recently, I have been on a few trips to our sister cities on the other side of the river – Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Although travelling by the speedy train and convenient subway, it was still impossible to see everything because there was so much going on. With limited time, I visited the Guangdong Museum of Art and Vitamin Creative Space in Guangzhou, and OCT Contemporary Art Terminal, J&Z Gallery and Inheritance in Shenzhen. From the exhibitions at these galleries, I observed that each organization had their own approach to history. The state-owned museum presented Fang Lijun in the grand narrative of Chinese contemporary art, while the smaller spaces exhibited artists who had infiltrated the city, intent on documenting fading stories. These humble shows, although held on a very small scale in the Guangdong province, almost seemed to respond to the very moment of Hong Kong, an already over-developed city that relentlessly strives to continue developing until the end of time.



Enoch CHENG, 鄭得恩

Mon, 1 Feb 2010

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