Discussions with artists, art historians, writers, researchers, curators, and other thinkers in the field

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Objects of Meditation: In Conversation with Sun Xun

Sun Xun discusses the woodblock medium, metaphors for history, fictional worlds, and Buddhist influences

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The City Doesn't Love You Back: A Conversation on Artistic Distance

Oscar Chan, Lau Hiu Tung, and Eunice Tsang discuss “stalking” Hong Kong, transnational art-making, and curating “Hong Kong” shows


Forget What You Learned: Part Two

Ye Su, Jiang Zhuyun, Nabuqi, Miao Ying, Hu Xiangqian, and Liang Shuo discuss social and ideological shifts in Chinese art academies at the turn of the millennium


Forget What You Learned: Part One

Ye Su, Jiang Zhuyun, Nabuqi, and Miao Ying discuss social and ideological shifts in Chinese art academies at the turn of the millennium


From Writing to Seeing and Back

Arshad Hakim, Vaishnavi Kambadur, and Samira Bose discuss their curatorial collaboration for an exhibition on K. G. Subramanyan


Extensions and Expansions: In Conversation with Reliable Copy

Reliable Copy discusses the circulations, influences, and audiences in Bangalore’s publishing scene and beyond

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Art and Gender Equity: In Conversation with Irene Lam, Phoebe Man, and Wong Kit Yi

Irene Lam, Phoebe Man, and Wong Kit Yi discuss artists, art spaces, and exhibitions in Hong Kong that address gender-based violence and inequities

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Eating the Archive: In Conversation with Anthony Leung Po Shan and Lantian Xie

Anthony Leung Po Shan and Lantian Xie discuss ideas of the city, the appearing demos, and metabolising the archive


Publishing as Method: In Conversation with Ozge Ersoy and Paul C. Fermin

On publishing cultures and trends, conceptualisations of “Asia,” and care and community during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Building Asia Art Archive, Part 4

Susanna Chung and Samantha Kwok discuss bringing contemporary art into classrooms and caring for teachers with Zoom fatigue


Art Should Not Be Sensible: In Conversation with May Fung

May Fung discusses the relationship between art and space, and her experience building art education programmes in Hong Kong

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Crossing Borders: Art and Artists’ Writings Across Languages

On the challenges of researching art writing across multiple languages and translations in South Asia

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Shantiniketan: A World University

R. Siva Kumar in Conversation with Regina Bittner and Kathrin Rhomberg


Propositions for an Archive of Performance Art in India

Sabih Ahmed in conversation with Samudra Kajal Saikia

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On Public Mindedness: In Conversation with Vasif Kortun

Being public is not a given, it has to be earned. Vasif Kortun and Özge Ersoy discuss art institutions, publics, and institutional alliances

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Building Asia Art Archive, Part 3

How does AAA make decisions about what it collects? Jane DeBevoise and Anthony Yung discuss AAA’s China projects in relation to this query

Image: Nilima Sheikh, <i>Sarhad 2</i> (detail), 2014. Tempera on Sanganer paper. Private Collection. Courtesy of the artist.

Accumulated Grace: Nilima Sheikh on the Dunhuang Caves

Nilima Sheikh discusses histories of the Dunhuang Caves and their influence on her work


“Earth Drives Earth Along”: In Conversation with Nilima Sheikh

Nilima Sheikh discusses the histories and materiality of four natural pigments from her studio space in Baroda


Phoebe Wong in Conversation with Ozge Ersoy

On artworks, museums, rivers, and distributed ownership

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The Ground Beneath My Feet: In Conversation with Nikhil Chopra and Romain Loustau

Sabih Ahmed and HH Art Spaces discuss live art, the body, and approaching curating as artists