Longform explorations of recent art in Asia, archives, art histories, urgent preoccupations, and other areas of interest


On Stalling and Turning: A Wayward Genealogy for a Binary-Abolitionist Public Toilet Project

Susan Stryker considers concepts of transness in relation to spatial configurations, and imagines other arrangements of space, time, and social interaction


Perforated Islands: A Proposition in Co-Sensing with the More-Than-Human

Joella Q. Kiu writes about artistic collaborations, spirit histories, and urban redevelopment

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once more with feeling

Karen Cheung and Paul C. Fermin write about outsiders, love letters, abjection, reality TV, temporal vibes, art theory babes, etc.

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Afro-Asian Feminist Art: Futurist Genealogies

Tao Leigh Goffe and Andrea Chung consider art’s ability to critique traditional histories and envision otherwise futures


Acts of Viewing and Performativity in (Un)Periodicals

Noopur Desai examines the ephemerality and performativity of the little magazine movement in India


Coincidence and Re-collection; Lateness and Insight

Lee Weng Choy writes about memory; exhibitions histories; and the forms, practices, and practicalities of the biennale

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The Wall of Blankness

Koel Chu examines how woodcut printmaking holds space for catharsis and nuanced narratives in uncertain times

Image: Sung Gi Kim, <i>[Public, Market]</i>, 2019.

for those of us who cannot leave or stay—

Eunsong Kim interrogates the labour and material processes of aesthetics, and asks whether art and writing are even necessary


On Art Education through the Story of Six Artists from China

Anthony Yung and Ozge Ersoy ask whether artistic attitude can be taught or passed down from one generation to another

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Past and Present Alternatives: Artist-Run Spaces in the Philippines

Ringo Bunoan reflects on the development of artist-run spaces in the Philippines, from the 1990s and beyond


Public Appearance as Art as Protest as Event: Yoko Ono’s Events with John Lennon

SooJin Lee uses a Fluxus lens to consider Ono and Lennon's playful use of the public gaze

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You Are Here

Jennifer Deger on the limits of modernist cartographies, and how art and anthropology might speak to the environmental crises of our time


The Thoughtful Dissemination and Archiving of Japanese Moving Image Works

Ann Adachi-Tasch reflects on her engagement with Japanese experimental moving image works of the 1950s to 1980s

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Hong Kong: A Curatorial Journey for an Identity

Oscar Ho narrates his shift from seeking a distinctive cultural identity for Hong Kong, to working to dismantle this very concept

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The International Student as a Term of Art

David Xu Borgonjon discusses the racial politics of art school recruitment, and its structural effects on contemporary art


The Aesthetic Project of Remaking “Yellow” Identity

Mimi Wong explores the slippery notion of an "Asian aesthetic," and the many ways it can manifest in East Asian and diasporic art

Image: Cover detail of Trisha Low's <i>Socialist Realism</i>, 2019. Courtesy of Coffee House Press, Minneapolis.

From Within the Fog

Trisha Low’s lyric ruminations on art writing, gestures of refusal, and the unresolvable desire for shared utopia amidst crisis and collapse

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Yellow Skin, White Gold

Anne Anlin Cheng reconsiders Asiatic femininity, racialised embodiment, and the confusion between persons and things


Is It Socially Engaged Art?: The Debate over “Art Projects” in Japan

Yeung Tin Shui traces alternatives to Eurocentric conceptions of art projects in Japan

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Women, Handicrafts, and Entrepreneurship in the Postcolonial World

Annemari de Silva addresses the gendered and postcolonial valuations of "art" and "craft" in Sri Lanka