Welcome to AAA's New Website

Welcome to AAA's new website and digital platform!

This is the culmination of our work over two years and we are delighted to share our efforts with you. We wanted to create a platform to increase access and openness to our collections, as well as strengthen the dialogue between AAA and our users.

For this revamp, we took a new approach to our work, examining how we disseminate our ideas and materials. We changed how we develop our digital footprint. Rather than a static text-heavy site, we are making a dynamic platform with a strong emphasis on regular editorial content exploring what we do, our thoughts on contemporary art, and what it means to archive and preserve artist documentation. This represents a major shift in our organisational focus and we are excited at the possibilities this evolution affords us.

We have simplified the way to access our collections. Our new search function allows users to research the collection in a more flexible manner better suited to individual needs. In the future we hope to implement new visualisations and generous interfaces to make the browsing experience much more visual. We have made some significant changes to the backend to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for; at a later date it will be possible to search for exhibition histories based on the event, venue, or participating artists and see the links between them.

To facilitate openness, we intend to share our metadata with users via downloadable Excel or XML files containing collection information. This will be featured in our new Resources section, which contains material we create over the course of our work for users to access. These may be viewed or downloaded, depending on the copyright.

We are working to deliver the main pages and sub-navigation in dual language English and traditional Chinese. It is our hope that this major undertaking makes our collections available to a larger audience, providing greater access to our vast China holdings.

Over the course of your explorations, you may discover that some items from our old website no longer exist on the new platform. For instance, we decided to stop maintaining World Events because these sorts of listings have proliferated across the Internet, making our efforts in this area redundant. We continue to showcase AAA Programmes and collaborations with partner organisations on this site, Facebook, and other social media channels.

This year, we completed our re-branding across our three sites: AAA, AAA-America, and AAA-India. The graphic design studio A Practice for Everyday Life developed our visual identity, which respects our past while establishing a strong brand for our future. This new look has shaped the website, which KeepThinking designed and built.

We are grateful to Jehan Chu, Kingsley Jayasekera, Stephen Murphy, and Erica Wong for their generous support of time, feedback, and guidance during the development of the new digital platform.

Finally, this is very much a work in progress. We decided to launch with a bare bones site and move forward, constantly developing and making improvements. At this time we are still migrating older programmes and repackaging content for Ideas. This way we may be reactive to user needs and technological change. More features will come online as they are available; we will notify you with a post on Ideas when such occasions occur. If you have any comments, suggestions, or questions, please get in contact via Twitter, Facebook, or email.


David Smith is AAA Head of Collection & Digital Experience



David SMITH, 施潤發

Wed, 24 May 2017

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