Photologue | 2007 Asia Art Biennial and Art Spaces in Taichung, 12–14 Oct 2007

Organized by National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts (NTMoFA), 'Have You Eaten Yet? — 2007 Asian Art Biennial', presents various faces of Asian contemporary arts in different regions. It attempts to serve as an open forum which allows for sharing and communication of different ideas, beliefs, attitudes, values, life experiences and cultural memories among the Asian community, and also marks Taiwan’s first experience of hosting an Asian art biennial. 'Have You Eaten Yet — 2007 Asian Art Biennial Asian Art Biennial' is divided into four themes, '‘Urban Dreamworks', 'Ways of Life are Choices', 'Then, Now, Next' and ‘How Are You?’, and features 38 artists or art-groups from the Asia-Pacific region as well as Europe, with a total of 76 artworks exhibited. Additionally, 30 documentaries from 12 countries are included. These artworks can be seen to represent the variety of ways in which Asian artists from their respective socio-cultural backgrounds perceive and respond to the theme ‘Have you eaten yet’ and its variations. I also seized the occasion to visit the main art spaces in and around Taichung City where NTMoFA is located, the city's name is Chinese for ‘Central Taiwan’.





CHANG Chenglin Nicholas, 張正霖

Thu, 1 Nov 2007

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