Photologue | A Slice of Contemporary Art in This Summer, Jul 2008

This photologue covers three exhibitions held in Taipei during July, 2008. The first exhibition is 'Totem and Taboo: Solo exhibition by J.C.KUO' held at Taipei Fine Arts Museum. J.C. Kuo (郭振昌) was born in 1949 in Lugang, Taiwan, and is a member of the first generation of Taiwanese artists born after the Second World War. He is hailed as a pioneer of Taiwanese contemporary art. The second exhibition is 'The Empire Strikes Back held at: Episode I/The Return of the King', held at Impressions Art Gallery. This joint exhibition, curated by three different generations of critics, tries to explore a dialectic relationship between avant-garde art and Taiwan society. Finally, the third exhibition is 'Who's Dongguri', a solo exhibition by Korean artist Ki-soo Kwon held at Metaphysical Art Gallery. Born and based in Seoul, Ki-soo Kwon’s artworks feature a wide range of media. He is primarily known for his creation Dongguri, a character and icon formed by certain modern and traditional symbols mixed with pop language.



CHANG Chenglin Nicholas, 張正霖

Fri, 1 Aug 2008

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