Photologue | Between Folk Culture and Contemporary in Kaohsiung, Jun 2008

The exhibition ‘A Kaleidoscopic View: Reinterpretations of Taiwanese Folk Images and Designs’ at the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts seeks to explore the relationship between folk culture and contemporary in Taiwan.

There are several contemporary artists known for their incorporation of the content, form and spirit of traditional Taiwan folk culture. Through their personal languages, they reinterpret the meaning of folk culture in order to further explore it or to criticize certain socio-cultural phenomena. Their creativity offers possibilities for diversified reflections and interpretations on traditional Taiwanese folk culture. As the curator HUANG Wen-yung states, the artists who participate in this exhibition have launched a ‘silent revolution’, quietly but steadily shaping the artistic style truly representative of the common people’s life. The participating artists are Hsien-hsiang PENG(彭賢祥), Yi-lang CHEN(陳義郎), San-huo CHEN(陳三火), Li-yeh CHANG(張立曄), Gong SHY(施工忠昊), Chun-ming HOU(侯俊明), Cheng-sheng LIN(林正盛), Jiun-shyan LEE(李俊賢), Yi-mu LEE(李宜穆), Tao WEI(魏滔), Cheng-huang CHENG(鄭政煌) and Shih-tung LIU(劉時棟).



CHANG Chenglin Nicholas, 張正霖

Tue, 1 Jul 2008

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