Photologue | Passage Through India

The experience of an art fair often entails a mad opening night, taxi rides from one satellite event to another (in Delhi these journeys are particularly drawn out), a sense of gliding from booth to booth seeing everything from great to bad art, and in one's daze finding it difficult to tell the difference.

But on a trip to India in January, in conjunction with the India Art Fair held from 26-29 January, I was amazed at the frequency of truly inspiring moments which happened off the site of the fair: conversations 'en route', in hotel lobbies, and at tucked away gatherings in unsuspecting parts of the city. I met teachers, artists, curators, funders, lawyers, cultural and political activists, writers, mentors, and archivists – and many individuals playing multiple roles—and these exchanges bracketed my art fair experience with real significance. In summary, here is a simple photo diary of my voyage through Delhi, Baroda, Bangalore, and Kolkata. It documents both official and unofficial conversations, and observes how (hi)stories are told, from the ‘Backrooms’ of AAA’s Backroom Conversations to notebooks and clippings found in boxes, stacks, and bundles, and the way these ideas and memories can be reignited in bars, cafés, and living rooms.


Thu, 1 Mar 2012

In light of the current COVID-19 situation, AAA Library will remain temporarily closed till 5 February.