Led by Fumio Nanjo, the curatorial team of Joselina Cruz and Matthew Ngui put together the second edition of Singapore Biennale with the theme ‘Wonder’ by selecting 66 artists to engage audiences in a time journey through the exhibition sites from old City Hall to the South Beach Development, a former military camp, and finally to Marina Bay, a site for new developments. The journey of past, present and future facilitates wonder through reviewing, reflecting and remembering.

In response to the first edition’s theme, ‘Belief’, Nanjo stated ‘One would normally expect Wonder to precede Belief, but in this case, to engage in wonder after belief means that there is a re-confirmation, with conviction, of one’s position in the world.’ The theme calls on us to question and be curious, to re-consider our world view, and to throw doubt on the stereotypical view of reality.

As well as the major focus on Singapore Biennale 08, this photologue includes my research on education and outreach in Singapore with a visit to the Kids’ Biennale of Singapore Biennale, the exhibition in the new wing of Singapore Art Museum — 8Q SAM, 8Q-Rate: School — and Singapore's first independent contemporary arts centre, the Substation.




CHUNG Yukman Susanna, 鍾玉文

Wed, 1 Oct 2008

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