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Image: A hangout after Bruno Isaković’s performance “Denuded” on 19 November 2014, in front of Green Papaya Art Projects in Quezon City.
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Green Papaya Art Projects: Why Artist-Run Spaces

Norberto Roldan's speech at Asia Society’s 2017 Arts & Museum Summit in Manila

It Begins with a Story Li Xianting
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In Dialogue with Li Xianting

Five items to get you better acquainted with a featured speaker at AAA's symposium It Begins with a Story

It Begins with a Story Charles Esche
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Reading the Zeitgeist with Charles Esche

Five items to get you better acquainted with the keynote speaker for AAA's symposium It Begins with a Story

The Nameless
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The Ground Underneath: On Ho Tzu Nyen's The Nameless

Võ Hồng Chương-Đài examines how Ho's video installation acts as a non sequitur to colonialist and nationalist historiographies

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Book Recommendations | Ways of Seeing and Being

How do artists make sense of the world?

Image: Covers of the periodical <i>Free World</i>.
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Periodicals, American Interventions, and Art in Asia During the Cold War

On Ho Tzu Nyen's research in relation to items in the Ha Bik Chuen Archive

Under the Influence Space and Time Travel
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Book Recommendations | Space and Time Travel

How does reading break space and time boundaries?

Image: <i>Under the Influence</i> at Art Basel, 2017.
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Book Recommendations | On Form

How does the form, style, composition, or structure of a book inspire artistic practice?

Under the Influence
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Book Recommendations | Ecologies

How does the study of urban landscapes, social systems, and the environment shape artistic thought?

Image: <i>Under the Influence</i> at Art Basel, 2017.
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Book Recommendations | Artist to Artist

How do artists engage in dialogues with their predecessors?

Under the Influence Activate
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Book Recommendations | Activate/Agitate

Artists select influential books concerning social change and justice

Under the Influence A Search for Truth
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Book Recommendations | A Search for Truth

Artists select influential books that delve into inner truth, as well as themes and values spanning across cultures

Hsiung Shih Art Monthly
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On Periodicals, Exhibition Materials, Personal Archives, and Approaching Issues from Multiple Angles

Peggy Wang discusses her process and the materials that inform her scholarship

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Back to the Future: Contemporary Art and the Hong Kong Handover

What two Hong Kong exhibitions reveal about the handover, identity, and contemporary art

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a short history of the art book bag (and the things that go in them)

Ingrid Chu explores the international phenomenon of the "art book bag"

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Framing Spatial Stories: Life Beyond the Plan, Survey, and Grid

Solomon Benjamin and Wing Shing Tang's artistic explorations of Hong Kong for 15 Invitations

Image: ruangrupa: Toko Pura-Pura for 15 Invitations, 26 Aug–30 Sep 2016. Courtesy of ruangrupa.
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Toko Pura-Pura (Quasi-shop)

A Jakarta-based artist collective creates a transactional space where knowledge and ideas are exchanged through collaborations

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Six Windows

Sarah Howe draws from AAA's Collection for six new poems

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Samson Young's AAAFM 993

The Hong Kong-based artist creates a roving sound station

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Section 39_Index XXXVII: Traboulsi

Suha Traboulsi's "sculptural spaces" and reproductions of canonical modern paintings by Arab artists