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Performance Art History of Hong Kong: Moments between the 1960s to Today from Asia Art Archive’s Collection

This series of short videos introduces some of the key moments of performance art history in Hong Kong through highlights of AAA's Collection. Featuring participatory projects by Kwok Mangho Frog King, cross-disciplinary experiments in the 1980s, and works closely connected to social movements in the 2000s, this resource deepens our understanding of the development of performance art in relation to the recent art history and socio-political context of Hong Kong.

Content & Voice Over: Alan Chan, Artist and Art Educator

Language: English

Length: 21 minutes


I. 1960s–80s: Ephemerality

Length: 6 minutes

I. 1960s–80s: Ephemerality

Keywords: ephemerality, participatory, localising performance art 

Artist: Kwok Mangho Frog King

Events/exhibitions: Five Move and Still Show (1979), Gau Doy Lum (1980)


II. 1980s: Collaborative Practices and Alternative Space

Length: 8 minutes

II. 1980s: Collaborative Practices and Alternative Space

Keywords: young artists educated overseas, cross-disciplinary, collaboration, alternative space, Tiananmen Square Incident

Artists: Choi Yan Chi, Josh Hon, Sunny Pang, Leung Ping Kwan, Ricky Yeung Sau Churk, Epoxy Art Group, Yau Ching, Mui Cheuk Yin, Leung Man-tao, Kung Chi Shing

Events/exhibitions: Paintings by Choi Yan Chi and Works of Art in Dialogue with Poetry and Dance (Poems by Leung Ping Kwan, Dance by Sunny Pang) (1986), Out of Context (1987), Object-act-ivities (1989)


III. 1990s–2000s: Performance and Protests

Length: 7 minutes

III. 1990s–2000s: Performance and Protests

Keywords: handover of Hong Kong to China, colonial history, art activism, privatisation of public space

Artists: Pan Xinglei, Kith Tsang Tak Ping, Lee Kit, Anthony Leung Po Shan, Jeff Leung, Jaspar Lau, Luke Ching, wen yau

Events/exhibitions: Pan Xinglei Incident (1996), performances in the Times Square Plaza in Causeway Bay (2008), Occupy Central With Love and Peace (2014)


Alan Chan was a Research Associate at AAA from 2016 to 2019.


Publishing date: 19 Feb 2020


The AAA Learning and Participation Programme is supported by the S. H. Ho Foundation Limited.

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