3SUMS | what is excess?

Hoyoung Moon
Jaewon Che

Soje, Hoyoung Moon, and Jaewon Che explore “excess” as the snail's slime trail, as subconsciously social, and as lovespoil. Illustrations by Kaitlin Chan.


3SUMS is an illustrated interview series that explores our affective x material x libidinal attachments, with each piece featuring three people responding to a single prompt. For this iteration of 3SUMS, we asked editors of chogwa zine to share what "excess" means to them, given the name of their publication ("'chogwa/초과' as in 'excess'"). Perhaps “excess” as a “feeling of being too much” (of "excessiveness"?), or perhaps a memory or a person or an object comes to mind (and so the question becomes why this association). Whatever. We were curious to see what they'd come up with. Here are their responses.







Soje is a poet and the translator of Lee Hyemi’s Unexpected Vanilla (Tilted Axis Press, 2020), Choi Jin-young’s To the Warm Horizon (Honford Star, 2021), and Lee Soho’s Catcalling (Open Letter Books, 2021). They also make chogwa, a quarterly e-zine featuring one Korean poem and multiple English translations.

Hoyoung Moon is a translator and writer based in Seoul. They translated You Have Reached the End of the Future by Hwang Inchan (Asia Publishers, 2022), and the Korean edition of What About the Rest of Your Life by sung (Media ILDA, 2020). Most recently, they translated the English lyrics for Lang Lee’s albums Yon Yonson, Playing God, and There is A Wolf. Their work can also be found in chogwa, Modern Poetry in Translation, Azalea, Asymptote, and Korean Literature Now.

Jaewon Che is a translator, editor, and writer. They started writing about art in Hyperallergic in 2018. Their poetry collection Whatdu wanna do witme? (Minumsa, 2021) won the 40th Kim Soo-young Literary Award. Their work can also be found in Asymptote Journal, chogwa, Modern Poetry in Translation, Littor, Literature & Society, Jaeum And Moeum, Munhakdongne, and Hyundae Munhak, among others.

Kaitlin Chan is a cartoonist and cultural worker in Hong Kong.




Hoyoung MOON

Jaewon CHE


Kaitlin CHAN

Wed, 12 Apr 2023

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An illustrated interview series that explores our affective x material x libidinal drives