Claire Lee shares a poem on the theme of archiving Hong Kong.



Two Currents

English Breakfast in a vintage fine bone China
checking her reflection in the tea, the drinker sees
two ocean currents collide
Thunder by the tea, wild waves surge the leaves
scattered thinking and racing thoughts
break down within her in a brew
It is like water
be at the sea but do not feel at home
as the unsettled currents crash and mingle
her mind treads water to stay afloat
with her own weather in the view
from the solitude being of a cup
she takes another sip
and another sip



Claire Lee is a visual artist working across the fields of drawing, painting, objects, photograph, and poetry. Her works explore poetic imagination on the human psyche. She draws inspiration from contrasts, struggles, and resilience in human conditions, finding solace through meditative experiments with tactile materials, textures, and layers in her work. She is now based in London.



Claire LEE

Poetry & Fiction
Thu, 12 Jan 2023

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(im)permanence: A Poetry Series

Visual and textual meditations from Hong Kong poets on the theme of archiving this city