After the residency of Brett Jones, art critic from Melbourne, and Manray Hsu, art curator from Taipei, between November and January, Xu Bing, acclaimed Chinese artist, and Minglu Gao, renowned scholar of contemporary Chinese art have been invited to join the phrase II programmes of the project organized by the Hong Kong Arts Centre. Phrase II programme will focus on the recent development of contemporary Chinese Art in its cross-cultural context and Hong Kong's position in such development. A series of workshops, talks and forums which are based on their research and creative practice, will be held between July and August. The forums will be co-organised by The Hong Kong Arts Centre and the Asia Art Archive.

XU Bing is a leading Chinese artists in international art. The winner of the highly honoured MacArthur Award in 1999, Xu, is renowned by his unique 'Square Word Calligraphy' in which he always makes up Chinese characters and reflects on language and cultural identity. He is the first living artist to have a solo exhibitions at Smithsonian's Sackler Gallery in Washington DC in 2001. Currently based in New York, he has several solo exhibitions and works displayed in major museums and biennials in Europe, Americas, Asia, etc since 1977.

Dr GAO Minglu is the key scholar and historian of cotemporary Chinese art. Graduated from Harvard University and obtained an PhD in 2000, his publications include: Fragmented Memory: The Chinese Avant-Garde in Exile (co-ed) (in English), Chinese Avant-Garde Art and The History of Contemporary Chinese Art (both in Chinese), etc. He curated the exhibition, 'Inside Out: New Chinese Art', which is a significant review of the art development in the past decades. Currently teaching at University of Buffalo, he has curated Chinese art exhibition in Museum of Mexico, Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco, etc.

Johnson Chang

Xu Bing
Gao Minglu
And other local and Asian visual art practitioners

Pao's Gallery, 5/F, HK Arts Centre

(Forum in Mandarin)

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