In March 2009, AAA initiated Learning Labs to equip young people, aged 15-18, to think and talk about contemporary art, while simultaneously considering its relationship to the world in which we live. With the support of a team of university volunteers from arts-related disciplines, AAA’s Learning & Participation staff presented monthly Labs, facilitated by a different art professional each month, for a group of 30 high school and university students. The programmes were intended to empower Hong Kong’s youth to approach and perceive art with better understanding and appreciation and to create a platform for dialogue, exchange, and support.

Following is a list of topics covered in Learning Lab 2010:

Workshop | 23 Jan 2010

Studio Visit | Lam Tungpang

Image: Visit to Lam Tungpang's Studio | Lam Tung-Pang
Image: Visit to Lam Tungpang's Studio | Lam Tung-Pang

Hong Kong artist Lam Tungpang opened his Fotan studio to AAA Learning Lab participants. He talked about his artistic development and experiences in London, Hong Kong, and Beijing. He also demonstrated some painting techniques and shared the collection of treasures that inspire his work.

Special thanks go to the lab facilitator, Lam Tungpang, and university volunteers Charmaine Leung, So Wai Lam and Trevor Yeung.


Workshop | 27 Feb 2010

HAD (Heritage x Art x Design) Walk | Hulu Culture

Image: HAD (Heritage x Art x Design) Walk
Image: HAD (Heritage x Art x Design) Walk

AAA seeks to help students explore and to connect with the surrounding neighborhood. Learning Lab students participated in the HAD (Heritage x Art x Design) Walk organised by Hulu Culture. A visit to the exhibition at the Former Hollywood Road Police Married Quarters and a cultural tour of traditional shops in the historic district was followed by a sharing session among peers. The experience provided an opportunity for students to learn about the rapid development of the Sheung Wan and Central Districts and how the blending of the old and new has shaped street culture and urban life.

Special thanks go to university volunteers Wing Chan and Jasmine Yip.


Workshop | 10 Mar 2010

Visual Analysis | Stephanie Cheung


Designed with the new Hong Kong visual art curriculum in mind, AAA invited art historian Stephanie Cheung to conduct a Learning Lab by introducing visual analysis strategies for contemporary art. She addressed the topics 'From Image to Response', 'Feeling/Reading an Image: Visual Analysis' and 'Limitations of Visual Analysis' through interactive presentations and workshop exercises. 

Special thanks go to the lab facilitator, Stephanie Cheung, and university volunteers Wing Chan, Brian Cheng and Nadia Wong.


Workshop | 10 Apr 2010

Conceptual Art |Pak Sheung Chuen

Image: Conceptual Art | Pak Sheung-Cheun
Image: Conceptual Art | Pak Sheung-Cheun

Art is a means of communication; it is a medium through which to connect oneself to everyday life. Hong Kong artist Pak Sheung-Cheun led a workshop to facilitate and activate students' observations of their own surroundings. He asked students to construct the backgrounds of various shoppers based on the contents of their supermarket receipts. Students were also asked to eavesdrop on the street and share their observations. Through these exercises, Pak hoped to inspire students to open up their senses, to observe and be more aware of their everyday surroundings, which is a major means of inspiration for his own artwork. Through Pak's sharing of his artistic process, students were given the opportunity to open their own eyes to the world of conceptual art.

Special thanks go to the lab facilitator, Tozer Pak Sheung-cheun, and university volunteers Damon Lee, Charmaine Leung, So Wai Lam, and Trevor Yeung.


Workshop | 8 May 2010

Art & Language | Tang Siu-wa

Image: Art & Language | Tang Siu-Wa
Image: Art & Language | Tang Siu-Wa

One of the biggest challenges facing visual art students when they attempt art criticism is their limited vocabularies. In order to help students overcome language barriers and fears when writing critically, AAA invited Tang Siu-wa, the editor of the Hong Kong literature magazine Fleurs des Lettres, to conduct an interactive workshop with a group of students. The aim of the workshop was to connect visual images with the students' existing vocabularies.


Workshop | 26-30 Jul 2010

Summer Labs 2010 | Yuen Han-Yan, Kacey Wong, Videotage and milkxhake

A series of intensive workshops was organised to empower young people in their appreciation of art, and turn them into catalysts for peers in their schools and throughout Hong Kong. By the end of the Summer Labs, a group of young AAA enthusiasts had emerged - an important network that will help to further link younger generations with the organisation. These dynamic, young individuals will build the identity of their group with the support of professional designers from milkxhake, an energetic, Hong Kong-based design collective. They will also be involved in planning AAA's online and physical programmes for the younger generation.


The Summer Labs Schedule

Art & Media | Journalist Yuen Han-Yan

Studio Visit: Surrealistic Home | Artist Kacey Wong

Hong Kong Art & Culture Orientation | AAA university volunteers

From Video Camera to Video Art | Videotage

Constructing AAA’s Youth Group Identity | milkxhake


Special thanks

The Lab facilitators, milkxhake, Videotage, Kacey Wong and Yuen Han-Yan; and university volunteers Shormi Ahmed, Irene Chan, Wing Chan, Brian Cheng, So Wai Lam, Kenji Lau, Damon Lee, Lee Wai Shing, Zero So, Trevor Yeung, Jasmine Yip, Alex Yu and Nadia Wong.


Workshop | 6 Nov 2010

Learning Labs - School Series: Illustration Art |Justin Wong

Image: Illustration Art | Justin Wong
Image: Illustration Art | Justin Wong

The first series of student-designed Learning Labs was launched in the city’s schools in November 2010. A core group of students formed by young AAA enthusiasts selected four schools in which to conduct labs from the pool of schools that they attend. At the end of each lab, new students can opt to join the core group to continue the outreach to other students. Arts & Technology Education Centre was our first stop.

'Art and Environment' was the theme of the series. Illustrator Justin Wong shared his artistic and career development with the students during the workshop. He inspired the students to use the concept of graffiti - the combination of text and images with a particular context - to create new meanings and interpretations of their environments.

Special thanks go to the lab facilitator, Justin Wong; visual art teacher, Miss Amelia Lam; university volunteers, Damon Lee and Zero So; and young AAA enthusiast Becky Liu.

Special thanks to Lab facilitators and University Volunteers in 2010
Alex Yu, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Fine Arts
Irene Chan, Hazel Cheung, Zero So and Ening Yim, City University of Hong Kong, School of Creative Media 
Damon Lee, Charmaine Leung, So Wai Lam, Kenji Lau, and Trevor Yeung, Hong Kong Baptist University, The Academy of Visual Arts 
Lee Wai Shing, Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education
Wing Chan, Brian Cheng, Jasmine Yip and Nadia Wong, The University of Hong Kong, Fine Arts 
Crystal Chan and Li Sum Yi, University Graduates 


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Image: New Media Arts | Keith Lam
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