Due to unforeseen circumstances Paul Butler is unable to travel to Hong Kong, The Collage Party will be conducted by AAA staff under the instructions of the artist.

As part of his residency, the Winnipeg-based artist is staging The Collage Party at AAA’s Project Space in Fo Tan. Dedicated to the Ha Bik Chuen Archive, the space houses Ha’s vast collection of collage books, exhibition documentation, and exhibition catalogues.

The Collage Party is Butler’s experimental project where people are invited to create art together in a social setting. Participants will collage with print materials provided by AAA, such as magazines and newspapers—though they are also welcome to bring their own materials to cut, paste, and play as a community. The Collage Party has been staged at various venues in North America and Europe, including museums, universities, department stores, and community centres. This is the first time to be staged in Asia, and in the setting of an archive.

As a self-taught artist, Ha Bik Chuen collected magazines, newspaper, books, and exhibition catalogues from different places and languages to inform his creative practice. Many of these print materials are cut, modified, and stored in labelled boxes, which he also transformed into collage books and magazines, as well as hand-bound books. The Collage Party and The Ha Bik Chuen Archive Project resonate with each other in opening new possibilities of activating and circulating materials through collaborative efforts.

This is an event by booking only. To RSVP, please email Michelle Wong with your preferred date at michelle@aaa.org.hk

Paul Butler is an artist from Winnipeg, Canada. For over 20 years, Butler’s artistic practice has employed the logic of collage by forming creative collaboration between individuals and communities. Butler has exhibited at venues including the Art Gallery of Ontario; the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; White Columns, New York; Creative Growth Art Center, Oakland; and La Maison Rouge, Paris. He directed The Other Gallery, a nomadic commercial gallery; lead Reverse Pedagogy, an experimental residency at the Banff Centre; and served as Curator of Contemporary Art at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Butler has also written for The Life and Times of William Callahan and Decentre: Concerning Artist-run Culture, as well as Border Crossings and Canadian Art.

Supported by the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust and Winnipeg Arts Council.

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Ha Bik Chuen Archive 夏碧泉檔案

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