AAA–Inlaks Art Grant

The AAA–Inlaks Art Grant is dedicated to supporting innovative approaches to practising art today. The grant encourages artists to propose and test new forms of art-making that incorporate research, collaboration, workshops, and formal experiments to examine the technologies and ecosystems of information that shape our times.

The Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation was established by Indoo Shivdasani in 1976 as a permanent platform for his philanthropic activities. The foundation focuses on providing scholarships, grants, and awards in any field to outstanding young Indians to develop their professional, scientific, artistic, and cultural abilities.

The Research Grant


Avik Debdas

The Taste of Bitter Time

Avik Debdas’s project undertakes a creative investigation of the genealogies of Tis Hazari, a locality in Old Delhi. Taking as its starting point two anecdotes about how Tis Hazari derived its name—literally meaning “of thirty thousand”, his project will delve deep into archives to not only examine the veracity of such claims about Tis Hazari and the “missing garden,” but also to trace a speculative genealogy of the neem tree.



Sharmistha Saha
Act… Now Re-enact!

Sharmistha Saha’s project engages with late nineteenth and early twentieth century archives of Bengali and Marathi theatre. Drawing on ideas and practices that shaped modern theatre, theatre production, and acting techniques, her project will explore how new collective identities were formed (and performed) in the erstwhile Bengal and Bombay Presidency.