The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Greater China Research Programme

The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Greater China Research Programme invites researchers to explore Asia Art Archive’s (AAA) extensive collection of primary source documents, in order to develop in-depth historical research projects that examine specific periods of time, themes, or phenomena in contemporary art from a broad Chinese context. The programme offers grants, a residency, and other activities such as workshops and talks to help support researchers in the field.

The Research Grant

The Robert H. N. Ho Family Foundation Greater China Research Grant offers grantees one-year fellowships to conduct research on AAA’s Collection and develop historical research projects on topics relating to contemporary art in Chinese communities worldwide.

Up to three individuals will be granted one-year fellowships. AAA will award one grant of US$15,000 (approx. HK$120,000), and up to two smaller grants of US$5,000 (approx. HK$40,000). The recipient of the larger grant is expected to research onsite at AAA in Hong Kong for up to two months, in addition to fieldwork in the region relevant to the project.

Applicants will be assessed by a jury of curators, scholars, and other experts in the field on their knowledge of contemporary art in the Greater China region, relevant experience in the field, proposed methodology, and feasibility of the proposed research.

Previous Grantees


Major Grant

Zhuang Wubin, “Resurfacing Hong Kong in Southeast Asia: Circulations of Photography from the 1930s to the Handover”

Secondary Grants

Deng Liwen, “Southerness as Method: From Southern Artists Salon to Theatre 44”

Zeng Qunkai, “Sensation, Modern, and Oasis: From Twelve Men Exhibition to Restart Exhibition in Xinjiang from 1987 to 2002”


Major Grant

Li Shi, “Li Zhensheng’s Photographic Self-portraits between the 1950s and 1980s”

Secondary Grants

Linda Huang, “Re-imagining Post-socialist Corporeality: Technology, Body, and Nation in Post-1989 Chinese Art”

Svetlana Kharchenkova, “How to Create an Art Market: Emergence of the Contemporary Art Market in China in a Global Perspective”


Major Grant

Belinda Qian He, “The Mise en Scène of (In)justice: The Art and Visual Economy of Pidou in China”

Secondary Grants

Duan Ziying, “The Third Concept of Space: Art in the PRD Beyond Thematic Urbanism and Institutional Experimentation”

Liu Nanxi, “The Art of Being Present: Live Performance in China During the 1990s”

Asia Art Archive Research Grant

Petra Poelzl, “Performative Art Practices in Chengdu during the 1990s”


Lu Mingjun, “ ‘Post-Sense Sensibility’ and ‘Art for Sale’: 1999 and Beyond”


Chen Shuxia, “From Socialist Realism to Social Reality: April Photo Society, 1976-1989”


Katherine Grube, “Image and Phenomena: The Development of Video Art in China, 1988 to 1998”

 Joint Research Grant

Olivier Krischer, "Japan in Contemporary Chinese Art, 1980s–90s”

The Research Residency

Three experienced scholars or curators in the field of contemporary art from the Greater China region will be invited to AAA as short-term residents. They are expected to use AAA’s Collection for their research and share their work in talks to follow.