Hong Kong Conversations is an ongoing series of talks that considers Hong Kong’s art ecology within a wider cultural and socio-political framework. Hong Kong’s recent socio-political landscape has been charged with overt acts of resistance: from protests against the demolition of the Star Ferry Terminal and Queen’s Pier (2008), to controversy surrounding the relocation of Choi Yuen Village residents for the Guangzhou-Hong Kong high speed rail (2009–10), to the ‘Umbrella Movement’ (2014–15). Often remembered for mass occupation of city streets and moments of violent clashes, these events have given way to various projects and social practices that are being sustained by artists and creative practitioners who continue to reflect on, and respond to, the urgencies relevant to them as citizens.

Field Experiments, 2 July 2016
8-minute Propositions, 2 July 2016
Independent Voices, 2 July 2016