Talk by Hong Kong-based curator Inti Guerrero to discuss the conceptual work behind the exhibition Udlot-udlot held in the AAA library. Based on his research on the work of Filipino experimental musician and composer José Maceda (1917–2004), the exhibition includes archival and audiovisual materials on two of Maceda's groundbreaking projects Ugnayan (1974) and Udlot-udlot (1975), which involved thousands of participants seizing public space and mass media during the years of martial law in the Philippines. Maceda’s work is placed in dialogue with video pieces, short films, and artefacts by Pio Abad, Anand Patwardhan, Jan Švankmajer, and Koki Tanaka to expand on collective creativity and social oppression found in the contradictory context of the arts during the Marcos regime.

Inti Guerrero: Udlot-udlot, 6 January 2016