Talk and Teaching Community programme by Asia Art Archive’s 2015 Educator-in-Residence Ricky Yeung Sau Churk. From contentious debates on, and actions against, the redevelopment of heritage sites like Lee Tung Street (‘Wedding Card Street’) and Blue House, to protests around preserving the Edinburgh Star Ferry Terminal and the Queen’s Pier, Hong Kong is ground to major disputes over the use of space. Artist and educator Ricky Yeung compels the public to consider: In the name of economic progress, has urban development and privatisation of Hong Kong’s public space transformed the city into a mega-mall? Are the collective memories, living traditions, and histories of its inhabitants being erased as the streets and spaces disappear? Is there a way to create a new and active civic awareness of urban space free from institutional systems?

Urban Interventions: Art in the City (Part 1)
Urban Interventions: Art in the City (Part 2)