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Image: Fred Wilson
Mar 2017

Rashid Rana | Present Elsewhere

15 Invitations | Publication Project

Nov 2016

Sarah Howe | Six Windows

15 Invitations | Talk

Library work at Charukala, 9 Dec 2015.
Tue-Sat, 18-22 Oct 2016

The Bibliography Workshops | Pune, India

Bibliography of Modern and Contemporary Art Writing of South Asia | Workshop

Image: Hu Fang & Zhang Wei, Untitled (for redundant books)
Feb–Jul 2016

Hu Fang and Zhang Wei | Untitled (for redundant books)

15 Invitations | Workshop

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Writing and Weaving: Engendering Documents in History

Li Xiaojiang reflects on her work at the Women’s Culture Museum in Shaanxi, and the need for new ways of centring women’s cultural legacies

Trace Retrace
Collection Spotlight

Off the Shelf | Trace Retrace: Paintings, Nilima Sheikh

A review of an artist monograph that explores Nilima Sheikh’s artworks as alternative forms of storytelling and narration

Country Paper — Pakistan
Collection Spotlight

Off the Shelf | Country Paper — Pakistan

A look at Salima Hashmi's writing on women artists in Pakistan


Seasonal Changes: Celebrating Spring Workshop

A look at some of the programmes and publications the Hong Kong cultural non-profit produced over six years

Boris Groys Art Power (Detail)

Boris Groys in Conversation with Johnson Chang

On archives as “museums minus the aesthetic experience,” the return of God as a spectator, and the totalitarianism of music

Collection Spotlight

AAA Collection at the Guggenheim | Alternative Publishing

Items from AAA on display at Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum for Art and China after 1989: Theater of the World

Image: Covers of the periodical <i>Free World</i>.

Periodicals, American Interventions, and Art in Asia During the Cold War

On Ho Tzu Nyen's research in relation to items in the Ha Bik Chuen Archive

Image: Ha Bik Chuen, Contact Sheet No.181 'Demonstration by Cindy Lau', 3 October 1998 (detail).

Digital Shadows: An Interview with Tyler Coburn

The New York-based artist discusses his work with the Ha Bik Chuen Archive

Hsiung Shih Art Monthly

On Periodicals, Exhibition Materials, Personal Archives, and Approaching Issues from Multiple Angles

Peggy Wang discusses her process and the materials that inform her scholarship


Notes on the "Vernacular" Milieus of Art Writing

Sneha Ragavan questions the dominance of English in India’s art historiography and criticism


Six Windows

Sarah Howe draws from AAA's Collection for six new poems


Practicing Friendship: Respecting Time as a Curator

Zoe Butt considers the significance of friendships for artistic languages and forms


Resemble Reassemble

Rashid Rana complicates the curatorial framing of exhibitions


The Armory Show Focus Group

An installation that plays with the relationship between market forces and artistic production


The Unsettled Pleasures of Viewing: Exhibition as a Meeting Point Between Our Bodies and Artwork

Biljana Ciric discusses images as intimate, fragmented readings of exhibition experiences


Art Writing and Its Circulation: Three Moments in Hong Kong

Michelle Wong looks at three instances of art writing and their relationship with Hong Kong

Sheba Chhachhi, ‘Initiation Series 3’, 2002

Entangled Temporality in Art Practice: Contemporary Revisiting of the "Golden" Age

Parul Dave-Mukherji discusses the past as lost golden age or melancholic condition that has uncanny affinity with the present


An Expanded Questionnaire on the Contemporary: Part I

AAA expands upon Hal Foster’s 2009 questionnaire on "the contemporary"


An Expanded Questionnaire on the Contemporary: Part II

AAA expands upon Hal Foster’s 2009 questionnaire on "the contemporary"


An Expanded Questionnaire on the Contemporary: Part III

AAA expands upon Hal Foster’s 2009 questionnaire on "the contemporary"

4 Resources

Mon, 23 Oct 2017

Departing from Socialist Realism: April Photo Society, 1979–1981

Chen Shuxia

Tue, 1 Jan 2013

Image and Phenomena: The Development of Video Art in China, 1988 to 1998

Katherine Grube | The Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation Greater China Research Grant 2013 Report

Thu, 1 Jan 2009

Mapping the Field of Indian Art Criticism: Post-independence

Vidya Shivadas | AAA Research Grant

Image: Lê Trọng Lân, Anh bộ đội [Soldier], 1981, woodblock print, 50 x 60 cm

Vietnam: The Making of the Modern and the Contemporary

WATCH: This talk unpacks and examines modern and contemporary art in Vietnam in relation its colonial history.