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Sat, 7 Mar 2020

Art+Feminism: Wikipedia Edit-a-thon 2020


Sat, 9 Mar 2019

Art+Feminism: Wikipedia Edit-a-thon on Women in Art in Asia


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Fri, 30 Nov 2018

Staging Gender


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Mon, 16 Jul 2018

Christina Yuen Zi Chung | Reimagining Feminism in Hong Kong


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Yellow Skin, White Gold

Anne Anlin Cheng reconsiders Asiatic femininity, racialised embodiment, and the confusion between persons and things

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Collection Spotlight

Shortlist | Transformative Territory: Performance Art and Gender in Post-New Order Indonesia

Recommended readings on the history of performance art in Indonesia, with a focus on the practices of female artists

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Women, Handicrafts, and Entrepreneurship in the Postcolonial World

Annemari de Silva addresses the gendered and postcolonial valuations of "art" and "craft" in Sri Lanka


Setting the Stage: Korean Women Artists on Performance and Beauty

So-Rim Lee examines how two emerging feminist artists stage and politicise a hair salon and a cosmetics store

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Shortlist | The Defiant Fringed Pink: Feminist Art in Japan

Recommended readings that trace the development of feminism and feminist art in Japan from the 1990s to the present

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Tomorrow Girls Troop: A Fourth-Wave Feminist Art Collective

Reflections on activism, gender equality, and visual representation in Japan from an emerging feminist art collective

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Off the Shelf | Zubeida Agha with President Ayub Khan

A look at a revealing photo from the Zubeida Agha Archive


Motherhood, Motherland: Photography, Representation, and Agency of the Filipina Overseas Worker

Alice Sarmiento asks whether exhibitions and artist-led initiatives can change how we connect space, citizenship, and acts of caregiving

Shortlist | Women in the Visual Arts in India and South Asia: Some Partial Maps
Collection Spotlight

Shortlist | Women in the Visual Arts in India and South Asia: Some Partial Maps

Recommended readings on women in the visual arts in India and South Asia

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Writing and Weaving: Engendering Documents in History

Li Xiaojiang reflects on her work at the Women’s Culture Museum in Shaanxi, and the need for new ways of centring women’s cultural legacies

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Building Asia Art Archive, Part 3

How does AAA make decisions about what it collects? Jane DeBevoise and Anthony Yung discuss AAA’s China projects in relation to this query


“Earth Drives Earth Along”: In Conversation with Nilima Sheikh

Nilima Sheikh discusses the histories and materiality of four natural pigments from her studio space in Baroda


Gendering Her Art: The Category of “Woman” in the Art History of Hong Kong

Christina Yuen Zi Chung looks at gender-themed art exhibitions and their relation to feminist discourse in Hong Kong

Collection Spotlight

Shortlist | Women Artists in Mainland China

Recommended readings on women artists practising after the end of the Cultural Revolution

The Free Tribe: 10 Women Visual Artists in Hong Kong
Collection Spotlight

Off the Shelf | (In)Visibly Yours

Phoebe Wong selects five books on women artists in Hong Kong

Country Paper — Pakistan
Collection Spotlight

Off the Shelf | Country Paper — Pakistan

A look at Salima Hashmi's writing on women artists in Pakistan

Geeta Kapur, Meera Mukherjee, and Gogi Saroj Pal at the Kasauli Art Centre Artist Workshop
Collection Spotlight

Off the Shelf | Photograph of Geeta Kapur, Meera Mukherjee, and Gogi Saroj Pal

A look at an image taken at the Kasauli Art Centre Artist Workshop in 1978


Elision, Excess, Parody, Disavowal: Justine Frank in the Museum

Roee Rosen discusses the challenge of allowing fiction to overwhelm through its excess

Automatic Happening, 2010, video, two channels, 29 minutes

Interview with Fang Lu

The artist reveals her interest in food as an artistic medium and discusses the reality of being a female artist in China today

Traveling Plants, 2011, wild plants and suitcase

Interview with Phuong Linh Nguyen

The Vietnamese artist talks about salt workers, her shift away from provocative imagery, and her work with Nhasan Studio in Hanoi

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Sat, 26 May 2018

From Ladies at Leisure to Internet Avatar: Women in the Arts in China

WATCH: This talk discusses the position and representation of women in the visual arts in Mainland China from the late Qing dynasty to the present day.