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15–17 June 2021

bewitched, bewildered, bothered


Salima Hashmi Archive in Process
Wed, 24 Feb 2021

Inter-Archives Conversations #1 | Personal Art Archives in the Public Domain

Inter-Archives Conversations | Talk

Archive Workshop_homelist
Thu–Sat, 23–25 May 2019

Creating Institutional Memory: The Organisational Archives of Arts Organisations

The Ha Bik Chuen Archive Project | Workshop

Tue, 9 Apr 2019

Cata-log-in Zines


30 Ideas

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Eating the Archive: In Conversation with Anthony Leung Po Shan and Lantian Xie

Anthony Leung Po Shan and Lantian Xie discuss ideas of the city, the appearing demos, and metabolising the archive

Collection Spotlight

Haunting the Threshold

Samira Bose examines the embeddedness of Jyoti Bhatt's threshold drawings in complex histories of gender and labour

Collection Spotlight

Off the Shelf | Last Encounters in Ha Bik Chuen Archive

Personal reflections from the archivists on the Ha Bik Chuen Archive Project, as they bring to a close its Fo Tan project space

Image: Courtesy of S. Yi Yao Chao.

Indecisive Intuition

S. Yi Yao Chao’s artist response to the Lee Wen Archive


The Thoughtful Dissemination and Archiving of Japanese Moving Image Works

Ann Adachi-Tasch reflects on her engagement with Japanese experimental moving image works of the 1950s to 1980s

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Collection Spotlight

Shortlist | Speculation as Method

Merve Ünsal looks at artist books in Turkey that wrestle with narrating the unnarratable

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The International Student as a Term of Art

David Xu Borgonjon discusses the racial politics of art school recruitment, and its structural effects on contemporary art

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A Performative State of Indefinite Duration

Bruce Quek reflects on contingency, institutional order co-existing with fractal weirdness, and the Independent Archive

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Crying in the Gallery: On Grief and Empathetic Curating

Kaitlin Chan reflects on her experience curating an exhibition for the late Hong Kong artist Hon Chi-fun

Boris Groys Art Power (Detail)

Boris Groys in Conversation with Johnson Chang

On archives as “museums minus the aesthetic experience,” the return of God as a spectator, and the totalitarianism of music

Letter from Rasheed Araeen to Joanna Drew, 26 Jan 1986.
Collection Spotlight

Off the Shelf | Letter from Rasheed Araeen to Joanna Drew, 26 January 1986

A look at an important request regarding the seminal exhibition The Other Story

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Off the Shelf | Pacific Crossings: Hong Kong Artists in Vancouver

A collaboration with the Vancouver Art Gallery


a short history of the art book bag (and the things that go in them)

Ingrid Chu explores the international phenomenon of the "art book bag"

FieldNotes04_Electric Workshop_1997

44 Tonnes

Clare Butcher on reconstructing the histories of the dehistoricised

Mai Chi Thanh, Vu Dan Tan, and Natasha Kraevskaia in Salon Natasha
Collection Spotlight

Salon Natasha Archive Overview

Nora Taylor reflects on the history of the Vietnamese independent art space, which was active from 1990 to 2005

Image: Archive as Method.

Archive as Method

Note from the Editors


Hans Van Dijk Archive

On Van Dijk's conception of contemporary art and the art and artists he promoted


Micropolitics of the Archive | Part II: Southern Conceptualisms Network, a Brief Chronology

An intervention into different possibilities for history, the archive, and the transmission of knowledge

From Jean-Paul Sartre to Teresa Teng: Contemporary Cantonese Art in the 1980s
Collection Spotlight

Materials of the Future: Documenting Contemporary Chinese Art from 1980-1990

In 2006, AAA began locating, collecting, and preserving a large body of important material from the 1980s, a period in China's art history that was in danger of being lost.


An Archive Remembered

Parvez Kabir reflects on some defining moments that shaped the Image Archive of MS University of Baroda


Research Log | The Importance of Continuous Discussion

Takayuki Kubota rethinks the form of biennials and triennials after a recent trip to the Setouchi International Art Festival


Research Log | Contextualizing and Contesting Current Conversations in South Asian Art

On the dynamism of the Pakistani art scene


Research Log | Documenting Indonesia

On the significance of the Indonesia Visual Art Archive for Indonesian contemporary art


Photologue | 9th Asiatopia Performance Art Festival and Soft Launch of Bangkok Art and Culture Centre

Images of two significant art events in Thailand


The Mekong Art and Culture Project

Secretariat Team of The Mekong Art and Culture Project


Photologue | Mumbai and New Delhi, 19–26 Feb 2006

Images of a trip to Mumbai and New Delhi


Photologue | 24 Hours in Singapore

Images from exhibitions and locales around the city


The Archive and Archiving: The Stuff of My Art

Judy Freya Sibayan is an artist, archivist, and lecturer

Staff and students, Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S. Univeristy Baroda, 1975
Collection Spotlight

Baroda Archives: Jyoti Bhatt, Ratan Parimoo, Gulammohammed Sheikh, and K.G. Subramanyan | India

Shortlist | Archiving as an Asian Art Practice
Collection Spotlight

Shortlist | Archiving as an Asian Art Practice

Recommended readings on archival art in Asia