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Wed, 30 Sep 2020

Life Lessons #4: Tsherin Sherpa & Wang Gongyi | Innovation through Tradition

Life Lessons | Talk

Thu, 12 Dec 2019

Chaitanya Sambrani | Careers of Internationalism: Baroda and Bandung


Mar 2017

Nonny de la Peña | Passage: The Life of a Wall on Lin He Road

15 Invitations | Virtual Reality Experience

Tue, 22 Jul 2014

Salwa Mikdadi | Reading Art in Literature of the Arab World

Innovation Through Tradition: A Comparative Look at Ink, Calligraphy, and Miniature | Talk

12 Ideas

Collection Spotlight

Haunting the Threshold

Samira Bose examines the embeddedness of Jyoti Bhatt's threshold drawings in complex histories of gender and labour

Collection Spotlight

Shortlist | Lui Shou Kwan and the New Ink Painting Movement in Hong Kong

Recommended readings on the artist and educator who inspired the New Ink Painting Movement

barefoot homelist

Women, Handicrafts, and Entrepreneurship in the Postcolonial World

Annemari de Silva addresses the gendered and postcolonial valuations of "art" and "craft" in Sri Lanka

Trace Retrace
Collection Spotlight

Off the Shelf | Trace Retrace: Paintings, Nilima Sheikh

A review of an artist monograph that explores Nilima Sheikh’s artworks as alternative forms of storytelling and narration


“Earth Drives Earth Along”: In Conversation with Nilima Sheikh

Nilima Sheikh discusses the histories and materiality of four natural pigments from her studio space in Baroda

Montien Boonma, The Pleasure of Being, Crying, Dying and Eating, 1993/2015.
Collection Spotlight

Off the Shelf | Artists Doing Pot: Ceramics and the Contemporary in East Asia

Alexandra Seno presents five artists who have embraced ceramic traditions as part of their art practice

Image: AAA Library.

Building Asia Art Archive

A brief history of the non-profit organisation as told through priority areas of research and programming interest


Ivan Peries: The Predicament of the Bourgeois Artist in the Societies of the Third World

Senake Bandaranayake provides a socio-historical analysis of the work of Ivan Peries

Collection Spotlight

Off the Shelf | A Seminar on Post-1945 Japanese Art

Reiko Tomii situates 1960s Japanese art in the broader history of modern and contemporary art


Photologue | Between Folk Culture and Contemporary in Kaohsiung, Jun 2008

Images of A Kaleidoscopic View at the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts

Rasheed Araeen in front of Third Text archive,

An Open Letter to Artists in Pakistan

Rasheed Araeen is the founding editor of Third Text


A Note on the Re-worlding of "Contemporary Indian Art"

Rahul Bhattacharya is an independent art critic, historian, and curator in India