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Image: Fred Wilson
Mar 2017

Rashid Rana | Present Elsewhere

15 Invitations | Publication Project

Mar 2017

Nonny de la Peña | Passage: The Life of a Wall on Lin He Road

15 Invitations | Virtual Reality Experience

Aug–Oct 2015

Ingrid Chu | a short history of the art book bag (and the things that go in them)

15 Invitations | Exhibition

Jun–Jul 2015

Samson Young | AAAFM 993

15 Invitations | Performance

23 Ideas

Paint a Bird Homepage
Collection Spotlight

Item of the Week | Paint a Bird

A look at a monograph featuring the paintings of Ye Yongqing

1984 Wilson Shieh Homepage
Collection Spotlight

Item of the Week | A Teenage Miscellany

A look at a zine by the Hong Kong artist Wilson Shieh that focuses on the year 1984

Montien Boonma, The Pleasure of Being, Crying, Dying and Eating, 1993/2015.
Collection Spotlight

Archive Five | Artists Doing Pot: Ceramics and the Contemporary in East Asia

Alexandra Seno presents five artists who have embraced ceramic traditions as part of their art practice

Cao Fei Hip Hop
Collection Spotlight

Item of the Week | Cao Fei: Hip Hop

A look at an artist monograph that engages with hip hop in Chinese diasporic communities

Five-storey Mansions_1 Five-storey Mansions, 2011, installation

Interview with James Chu

The artist discusses Macau, his work for the recent Venice Biennale, and how he became an artist


Ivan Peries: The Predicament of the Bourgeois Artist in the Societies of the Third World

Senake Bandaranayake provides a socio-historical analysis of the work of Ivan Peries


Interview with Chu Hing Wah

The artist discusses his intuitive entrance into contemporary art, the evolution of his work, and his recent Lunar New Year project for M+

Collection Spotlight

Off the Shelf | A Seminar on Post-1945 Japanese art

Reiko Tomii situates 1960s Japanese art in the world history of modern and contemporary art

'How to set up and apartment for Johnny.', 2011, acrylic on fabric, cardboard paintings, video, read

Interview with Lee Kit

Chantal Wong speaks with the artist about his anxiety, artistic inspiration, and obsession with personal hygiene products

Research Notes

Photologue | Shanghai Today

A look at exhibitions in Shanghai during Expo 2010


Beyond the Collection Display

Reiko Tomii is a New York-based independent scholar and curator who investigates post 1945 Japanese art in global and local contexts


Interview with Sasa[44]

The Korean artist discusses his diverse background and his ideas about documenting a new history


Interview with Tomoko Yoneda

The artist speaks about her photography, her view of history, and the stories behind her work


Interview with Cao Fei

The Chinese artist discusses her Second Life project, her view on the virtual world, and her generation

Research Notes

Photologue | Emerging Talents: Mumbai, May–Jun 2008

Images of new faces of Indian contemporary art

Research Notes

Photologue | Between Folk Culture and Contemporary in Kaohsiung, Jun 2008

Images of A Kaleidoscopic View at the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts


Interview with Zhan Wang

The Beijing artist discusses his artistic practice, "superstar" contemporary artists, and rocks in Louis Vuitton stores

Rasheed Araeen in front of Third Text archive,

An Open Letter to Artists in Pakistan

Rasheed Araeen is the founding editor of Third Text

Research Notes

Photologue | Manila, 3–22 Jan 2008

Images of exhibitions and new art spaces


The Mekong Art and Culture Project

Secretariat Team of The Mekong Art and Culture Project