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Sheba Chhachhi, ‘Initiation Series 3’, 2002

Entangled Temporality in Art Practice: Contemporary Revisiting of the "Golden" Age

Parul Dave-Mukherji discusses the past as lost golden age or melancholic condition that has uncanny affinity with the present

Five-storey Mansions_1 Five-storey Mansions, 2011, installation

Interview with James Chu

The artist discusses Macau, his work for the recent Venice Biennale, and how he became an artist

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Photologue | Spring’s Wave and Sound

Images of art events across genres in South Korea

home_Another view of Cane, 2012

Interview with Loo Zihan

The Singapore-based artist discusses Josef Ng's infamous performance Brother Cane, which he reenacted in Chicago

home_Sekine, Phase—Mother Earth

Learning from History: The Discourse of (L)imitation in 1960s Japan

Reiko Tomii offers a historical study on 1960s Japan as a paradigmatic site of world art history

home_Tomoko Maezawa
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Photologue | Physicality of the Visual Image

Images of the Yebisu International Festival for Art & Alternative Vision


Interview with Kao Chung-li

The Taiwanese artist discusses power, pop culture, his passion for film, and how he deals with history in his work


Mekong Spring: Cambodian Photography in the Last Decade

A historical reassessment of photography's development in Cambodia

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Photologue | Passage Through India

Images of a trip to India during the India Art Fair


Interview with Chu Hing Wah

The artist discusses his intuitive entrance into contemporary art, the evolution of his work, and his recent Lunar New Year project for M+


Memory and Cultural Sustainability in Contemporary Tibetan Art

Tibetan artists in relation to ethnicity, religion, and as politicised subjects in post-Cultural Revolution China

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Photologue | Thinking of the City

Images of exhibitions in Seoul around the theme of "the city"

Automatic Happening, 2010, video, two channels, 29 minutes

Interview with Fang Lu

The artist reveals her interest in food as an artistic medium and discusses the reality of being a female artist in China today

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Photologue | Drawing Lines: Shadows along the Equator

Images of Biennale Jogja XI


Resisting Commoditisation of the Art Object

Korean contemporary artists and their strategies for dismantling and transforming existing systems