Wong Wai Yin conducted a residency at Asia Art Archive from November 2010 to May 2011. She has an underlying interest in the institutional treatment of artists and the inclusion – or exclusion – of artists and their work in exhibitions and historical documentation. Through her work, Wong has continuously sought to question the construction of the history of art and the very institutions and systems that determine that history. Over the six month period of her residency, Wong built an alternative collection of material on Hong Kong art that was missing from the Archive’s collection through an in-depth process of research and interviews, going so far as to install a working desk within the library. The collection, made up of correspondence and interviews with fellow artists in the community, catalogues as well as school report cards and drawings donated by her father, were integrated in to AAA’s collection at the end of the residency.


Box 1: Total: 100 items (est.)

- 55 manuscript correspondence with Hong Kong-based artists and art practitioners;
- Event ephemera and clippings, dated 2009-11. Including materials pertaining to ‘Art Workers’ Solidarity’, a proposal made for Taipei, as well as documentation related to the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC) and Asian Cultural Council (ACC) Artist in Residence Fellowship, New York, dated 2010-2011
- Slides of artwork by Wong
- Wong’s personal records, education records, employment contracts and name cards

Box 2: Total: 100 items (est.)

Series I: ‘My Father Kept These For Me’: ephemera, including news clippings, and publications on Wong Wai Yin collected by Wong’s father
Series II: ‘Worst Portfolio I Ever Made': 3 artwork portfolios
Series III: ‘Two of Us': materials collected in regards to the relationship between the artist and her husband Kwan Sheung Chi
Series IV: ‘Jerry Kwan Lent a Book to Me but I Got No Chance to Return': 2 exhibition catalogues
Series V: ‘In Okinawa for a 6 week Residency': exhibition ephemera and correspondence collected during the artist’s residency in Okinawa, Japan in 2008
Series VI: ‘Sometimes I have Relax Times': event ephemera
Series VII: ‘Sometimes I Have Busy Trips': name cards, transport tickets, exhibition ephemera collected in US/UK/Japan

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AAA Artist-in-residence - WONG Waiyin Doris

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Let's Write Hong Kong Art History
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Project File: From Wong Wai Yin's Collection to the Hong Kong Art Archive