'In this collection of essays, written over the last 25 years, veteran artist K.G Subramanyan expresses his concerns with a wide range of issues—art, aesthetics, visual perception and creativity; this importance of craft practice and its nurturing; the role and future of old traditions and cultural institutions in the contemporary world; the detrimental effects of the Industrial Revolution and high-technology societies; the constant depletion of the environment; our nation's ability to cope with the education and employment of its divergent multitudes; and the present-day scenes in art, education and society.' (Excerpt from front flap)
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Chapter headings
Aesthetics and Motivations in Arts and Sciences
New Perspectives in Art
Theory, Text, Context
The Primal Imperatives: Some Thoughts on the Relationship Between Culture and the Calendar
Visual Arts and the Concept of Rasa
A Matter of Perspective
The Art Language
Visual Arts in India--Future Prospects
Art in a Multi-cultural Setting
The Local and The Global
What Shall We Do with Culture?
The Concept of Tradition
The Sense of Tradition in a Non-traditional World
The Magic of Making
Do Hands Have a Chance?
The Study of Support of Rural Tribal Arts and Crafts
Discovering Each Other
Gandhi and the Indian Cultural Scene
The Requisites of a Renaissance
A Pressing Challenge
Between Reality and Dream
Education and Experience
Between the Amateur and the Professional
The Uses and Abuses of History
The Search for a Sane World at this Point in Time
Re-reading the Nineteeth Century
Protecting Our Cultural Heritage
On Bringing Education to Craftsmen
An Illustrator's View
Environmental Issues
Towards an Ecology of Culture
The Magic of Making: Essays on Art and Culture
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The Magic of Making: Essays on Art and Culture