Women In-Between: Asian Women Artists 1984-2012 accompanies the exhibition of the same title which offers an overview of the work of Asian women artists prominent since the 1980s. Shown for the first time in Japan, the works span the genres of painting, photography, video, installation, performance and more, and reveal the diversity of themes and expressive styles among 50 artists.

Includes essays, artist biographies and selected bibliography.
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Women In-Between in Asia: Polyphony by Women

- Reiko KOKATSU, 小勝禮子

Asian Art by Women: Focusing on the 1990s

- Toshiko RAWANCHAIKUL, ラワンチャイクン寿子

Living on the Border, Facing a Dilemma

- Tomomichi NAKAO, 中尾智路

Chapter 1 Women's Body: Sites of Reproduction/ Multiplication, Seduction and Violence
Chapter 2-1 Women and Societies: The Roles of Women and Men, and the Bonds between Women
Chapter 2-2 Women and Societies: The Diaspora and the Marginalised People
Chapter 3 Women and Histories: War, Violence, Death and Memory
Chapter 4 Women's Technique and Materials: The Periphery of 'Art'
Chapter 5 The Lives of Women: Departing on Her Own
Women Artists in Asia [Essays]
Twinkling While Hidden from View

- ZHAI Yongming, 翟永明

Half to Whole, Whole to Another

- BECK Jeesook, 백지숙

Women Artists of Mongolia

- Uranchimeg Tsultemin

Okinawa Women Artists: Through the Okinawa's Reversion to Japanese Jurisdiction
Women's Art in Taiwan Today

- LAI Yingying, 賴瑛瑛

Claiming Space: Indonesian Women Artists


Painting Parallels

- Shireen NAZIREE

Who Made Crimson Roses into the Steel Stockings?

- Po Po

The 70s-80s in the Philippines: Women Stepping out

- Flaudette May V. DATUIN

Shades of Becoming: Seeing 'Women Artists' in Singapore

- Adele TAN

Contemporary Women Art Scene in Thailand

- Somporn RODBOON

The Rough Road

- TRAN Luong

Woman in the Arts of Bangladesh: 1980s to the Present

- Lalarukh SELIM

It Is Now Time to Pay Close Attention to Female Subjectivity, if Anything Called Progress Is to Be Achieved

- Nalini MALANI

Contemporary Women Artists in Nepal


Weaving Narratives: Pakistani Women Artists

- Salima HASHMI

Women In-Between: Asian Women Artists 1984-2012
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Women In-Between: Asian Women Artists 1984-2012, アジアをつなぐ -境界を生きる女たち1984-2012