Catalogue published in conjunction with '17th Japan Media Arts Festival' in 2013.

Featuring award-winning works in the categories of art, entertainment, animation and manga, this catalogue includes colour plates of works along with artwork descriptions and comments by judges. Brief artist biographies, jury dialogues and a chronology of the Japan Media Arts Festival are also included.

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Jury Critiques: Art Division
Media Art, Evolving into Actuality

- Yuka UEMATSU, 植松由佳

Connecting Memories of Love, Alongside Songs of Resistance

- Aomi OKABE, 岡部あおみ

Media Arts as 'Current' Art

- Hisanori GOGOTA, 後々田寿徳

In Pursuit of Art Piercing the Depths of Consciousness

- Shiro TAKATANI, 高谷史郎

Humanity, Examined from Technology

- MIWA Masahiro, 三輪真弘

Dialogie: Art Division: Media Art which Stimulates Awakening

- Aomi OKABE, 岡部あおみ, MIWA Masahiro, 三輪真弘, Shigeru MATSUI, 松井茂

Jury Critiques: Entertainment Division
A Feast of Fluttering Things: Objects, Humanity, Mourning

- Kazutoshi IIDA, 飯田和敏

The Rediscovery of the Materials and Techniques of Expression

- IWATANI Toru, 岩谷徹

The Opposing Concepts of Order and Noise

- Naohiro UKAWA, 宇川直宏

What Only the Japan Media Art Festival Can Do

- Akihiro KUBOTA, 久保田晃弘

Festivals and Handicrafts

- Yugo NAKAMURA, 中村勇吾

Dialogue: Entertainment Division: In Search of Media Arts with a Sense of the Playful

- IWATANI Toru, 岩谷徹, Akihiro KUBOTA, 久保田晃弘

Jury Critiques: Animation Division
New Possibilities in Unpredictable Directions

- Fumio OHIO, 大井文雄

A Few Considerations at the Completion of the Jury Selection

- Masashi KOIDE, 小出正志

Applause for Japanese Entertainment Works Taking up the Challenge

- SUGII Gisaburo, 杉井ギサブロー

A Place Where Unreal Things can be Created


The Freedom of Animation

- Toshikatsu WADA, 和田敏克

Dialogue: Animation Division: The Japan Media Arts Festival: The Experience of a Multitude of Animated Works

- Toshikatsu WADA, 和田敏克, Koji MORIMOTO

Jury Critiques: Manga Division
Diversification of Manga Representation

- Go ITO, 伊藤剛

Manga as Independent Expression

- SAITO Nobuhiko, 斎藤宣彦

The Range of Manga Beyond the Borders of Genre and Expression

- Mitsuru SUGAYA, すがやみつる

Manga Power Behind the Trend of Changes

- Taro MINAMOTO, みなもと太郎

I Appreciate That We Have These Works in Our Own Daily Lives

- Tomoko YAMADA, ヤマダトモコ

Towards the Artists of the Next Generation, and the Manga to Come

- SAITO Nobuhiko, 斎藤宣彦, Mitsuru SUGAYA, すがやみつる, Taro MINAMOTO, みなもと太郎

17th Japan Media Arts Festival Award-Winning Works
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17th Japan Media Arts Festival Award-Winning Works, 平成25年度[第17回]文化庁メディア芸術祭受賞作品集