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Jury Critiques: Art Division
Discovering the Present Form of Art

- MIWA Masahiro, 三輪真弘

Awaiting a Revolution in cutting Edge Art

- Aomi OKABE, 岡部あおみ

Being Critically Conscious of Media

- Morihiro SATOW, 佐藤守弘

What Are Media Arts (Media Geijutsu)

- Shiro TAKATANI, 高谷史郎

The Current Position of Media Art - Beyond Diversity and Specificity

- MIWA Masahiro, 三輪真弘, Yuka UEMATSU, 植松由佳, Morihiro SATOW, 佐藤守弘

Jury Critiques: Entertainment Division
From the Intelligent to the Physical

- Ichiro HIGASHIIZUMI, 東泉一郎

Gossip, Scandal, and Entertainment

- Kazutoshi IIDA, 飯田和敏

The Power of Design

- Akihiro KUBOTA, 久保田晃弘

The Pulse of Alternative Futures

- Naohiro UKAWA, 宇川直宏

Leaving Home an Hour Early

- YONEMITSU Kazunari

Future Entertainment Works, Changing Society and Lifestyle

- Akihiro KUBOTA, 久保田晃弘, Kazutoshi IIDA, 飯田和敏

Jury Critiques: Animation Division
Towards a New Era

- Masashi KOIDE, 小出正志

The Evolution of Animation Technology and Reflections on Individual Expression


Differences in Gravity between Artworks

- Fumio OHIO, 大井文雄

Devoting Yourself to a Rich Fatigue

- Ryosuke TAKAHASHI, 高橋良輔

The Power of Young Creators of Animated Shorts

- Toshikatsu WADA, 和田敏克

The Role of Japanese Animation Emerging from Quality Overseas Works

- Masashi KOIDE, 小出正志, Fumio OHIO, 大井文雄, Ryosuke TAKAHASHI, 高橋良輔

Jury Critiques: Animation Division
The Absence of Light-hearted Manga

- INUKI Kanako

The Difficulty of a Rich Torrent of Diverse Works

- Go ITO, 伊藤剛

Manga Works Transmitted/ Transmitting to the Next Generation

- SAITO Nobuhiko, 斎藤宣彦

Manga with Editors, and Manga without

- Mitsuru SUGAYA, すがやみつる

Even If There Are Harsh Times Ahead

- Tomoko YAMADA, ヤマダトモコ

An Era of Manga Without Revolution

- Mitsuru SUGAYA, すがやみつる, INUKI Kanako

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18th Japan Media Arts Festival Award-Winning Works, 平成26年度[第18回]文化庁メディア芸術祭受賞作品集