'This exhibition spotlights the year of the Tokyo Olympics, 1964, bringing back the art scene of that year in the museum galleries.
Many previous exhibitions have shown how important the decade of the sixties was for the development of postwar art. [...] We have chosen to focus on 1964 as a significant dividing line between the first and second half of this fruitful decade. While there are few precedents fro an exhibition concentrating on a single year, we felt that an objective examination of a limited period could give  a more precise picture of the art of that time and the ways in which it was related to social changes.
There were not many art events directly related to the Tokyo Olympics, especially when compared to the international exposition held in Osaka in 1970. However, the many art movements and ideas which emerged that year had an extremely important effect on things to come. In this exhibition, we show how the year of the Tokyo Olympics, that great landmark of postwar history, was also a turning point in the art history of this country and we present a comprehensive view of the art produced that year. [...]' (Foreword by Kamon Yasuo)

The exhibition was held from January to March 1996 at Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo. The work was divided into seven categories: 'Japanese-style Paintings', 'Oil Paintings', 'Prints', 'Sculptures', 'Anti-art Trend', '#32 The Venice Biennale' and 'Reportage on the Time'. A chronology from 1963 to 1965, a detailed bibliography as well as checklist of the exhibition are included in this publication.

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The 1964/ Tokyo Olympics/ and...: A Turning point in Japanese Art - Kunio YAGUCHI, 矢口國夫
A Turning Point of 1964: The Reaction to Art Informel and Further developments - Reichi NOGUCHI, 野口玲一
1964: A Turning Point in Japanese Art
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1964: A Turning Point in Japanese Art