The disc contains information of 2002 Sydney Biennale. (The World May Be) Fantastic is the theme of this edition of the Biennale of Sydney. Richard Grayson, curator of the exhibition wrote, 'This Biennale intends to provide a platform for certain works by certain artists at a certain time. The thesis of the exhibition is intended to function more as a table that allows these things to be shown, explored, and considered, than as an envelope which contains and covers them… Each artist participating in this version of the show brings with them a cosmology, a system of thought or action that serves to lever open other possibilities and worlds in the fabric of the one which surrounds us. The drive to make models and generate alternative narratives is buried deep in the configurations of the nervous system which makes us "human" even if these acts seem to have no immediate "utility".' Images of works by participating artists are included.

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2002 Biennale of Sydney