This publication includes abstract of lectures with biographies of the keynote speakers presented during the 2006 Asia Art Economy Forum in Taipei as part of Art Taipei 2006

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The Contemporary Art Market in Tokyo / 東京的當代藝術市場

- Tetsuya OZAKI, 小崎哲哉

The Indian Contemporary Art Market: Growing Pains / 在全球風潮下的印度藝術市場

- Peter NAGY

An Introduction to France Contemporary Art Market / 法國當代藝術市場硫現況

- Sebastien CAVALIER

The Development of Art Galleries in Beijing/ 中國藝術市場與畫廊產業發展現況

- ZHOU Wenhan, 周文翰

An Analysis of the Chinese Art Auction Market/ 2006 中國藝術品拍賣市場分析

- Xinyao ZHENG, 鄭鑫堯

Analysis of Art Investment in Europe / 歐洲藝術投資經驗分析

- Edgar QUADT

Chinese Contemporary Art Market Trends: How the Global Art Market is Affecting China, and how this New Market will affect the World / 華人當代藝術市場趨勢

- Jonathan NAPACK
2006 Asia Art Economy Forum in Taipei
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2006 Asia Art Economy Forum in Taipei, 2006 亞洲藝術產經・第一屆台北論壇