This is the second year in which the Council for Cultural Affairs has organized 'Made in Taiwan — Young Artist Discovery' at Art Taipei 2009. Its aim is to introduce emerging Taiwanese artists to the international art market and to increase their visibility in the art scene.

Artist biographies included.

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From Caterpillar to Butterfly - The Creative Path of Lee Szu-Hui

- CHU Hueyfen, 朱惠芬

Clarity and Confusion: The Work of Shiu Sheng-Hung

- HU Yungfen, 胡永芬

Economics of Consumer Semiotics - Tao Mei-Yu

- WU Chiehhsiang, 吳介祥

Dark Myths Made by a Little Girl

- CHANG Yuanchien Rita, 張元茜

Work of Guggenheim Museum Tickets: Mia Liu's Drawing Objects

- CHIEN Tzuchieh, 簡子傑

Initiating the Id - Sublimating Filth: Inner Exploration in the Descriptive Paintings of Hsu Jui-Fu

- LI Suhsien, 李思賢

Self-Discovery Through the Heart: Interpreting a New and Fresh Work

- CHANG Alf, 張賜福

Naming the Unnamable - On the Allegorical Warnings of Huang Wei-Min

- LIN Ping, 林平

2009 Art Taipei: Made in Taiwan — Young Artist Discovery
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2009 Art Taipei: Made in Taiwan — Young Artist Discovery, 2009台北國際藝術博覽會:「台灣製造&mdash新人推薦特區」專輯