'Since 2008, Arrow Factory has operated as a modestly sized independently run storefront art space located in the center of downtown Beijing. Aimed at reaching a diverse public made up of neighboring residents, as well as local and international art audiences, Arrow Factory has been instrumental in fostering avenues for artistic production in China that engage meaningfully with notions of place and urban space. 3 Years: Arrow Factory documents the wide range of site-specific projects mounted by Chinese and international artists in Arrow Factory's first three years and allows readers to catch a glimpse of the fleeting connections that situate these practices within China's larger intellectual and artistic zeitgeist.' (Back cover)

Features essays by Beatrice Leanza, Ken Lum, Ou Ning, and Dan S. Wang; includes conversations with artists Li Jinghu and Patty Chang, as well as Arrow Factory's neighbors and local residents. Project chronology is provided.
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San nian shu jian chang kong jian er ling ling ba nian zhi er ling yi yi nian

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Chapter headings
Editors' Preface
An Arrow - OU Ning, 歐寧
Tricky Contractions — Notes on Non-Functional Sites - Beatrice LEANZA
Slice: Rania HO and Wei WENG
It's Not About the Neighbors: WANG Gongxin
Light: KAN Xuan
Rooftop Walking & Going Up and Step Down: Koki TANAKA
Untitled: LI Ming
Take the Dark Out of the Night Time: Euan MACDONALD
38 Jianchang Hutong: ZHANG Peili
A Smooth Pebble in the Stream of (the) Capital - Dan S. WANG, 王念華
Li Jinghu and Wang Wei in Conversation
Vive la Différence: NI Haifeng
Just Around the Corner
Nutella: LIM Tzay Chuen
Speaking Out of Turn: LIANG Yuanwei
Locals Only: YAN Lei
Another Market: HONG Hao
Coming Soon: Ken LUM
I Won't Make Any Trouble for You: WANG Wei
Past Opportunity III: LIU Chuang
Over 600 Choices: LIN Tinmiao
Channel Me: NIE Mu
Snowman: LI Jinghu
Public Service Announcement — The Art of the Scam
One-Man Theater: WEN Peng
Special Event: Arrow Factory Bake Shop
Coming Soon - Ken LUM, 林蔭庭
Patty Chang, Rania Ho and Pauline J. Yao in Conversation
Touch Would: Patty CHANG
Big Family: Brothers, Not Comrades - LIN Yilin, CAI Qing, CAI Wei and FANG Lu
Untitled: Patty CHANG and Rania HO
Xijing Olympics: Xijing Men
No Soul for Sale — A Festival of Independents: Johann ARENS and Stefan SULZER
Collection Highlights
Conversations with Neighbors
Project Chronology
3 Years: Arrow Factory 2008–2011
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3 Years: Arrow Factory 2008–2011, 三年書:箭廠空間二00八年至二0一一年