The Macau International Performance Art Festival (MIPAF) is a biennial event held at Ox Warehouse which invites diverse contemporary artists from around the world to present live performances in Macau. This video documents the 'Taiwan Performance Art Feature' held on 6 September, the first of two MIPAF 2009 sessions showcasing the live performances of 6 artists, followed by a talk.

Disc 1: Taiwan Performance Art Feature Part I
Chen Yi-ling 陳憶玲 《包裝》
Wang Mo-lin 王墨林 《可口可樂共和國》
Chen Pei-chun 陳佩君 《白》

Disc 2: Taiwan Performance Art Feature Part II
Cheng Shih-chun 鄭詩雋 《拯救公主》
Wu Ching-chih 吳晴芷 《真實的氣味II》
Watan Uma 瓦旦.塢瑪 《一段路》

Disc 3: Post-performance Talk
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3rd Macau International Performance Art Festival (MIPAF 2009): Taiwan Performance Art Feature, 第三屆澳門國際現場行為藝術展演:台灣行為藝術專場