'40+4: Art is not enough. Not enough!' is one of the three curated projects featured in the exhibition 'China China China!!! -Chinese Contemporary Art Beyond the Global Market' held at the Centro diCultura Contemporanea Strozzina, Florence in 2008.

Proposed by Davide Quadrio, founder of Bizart,Shanghai, '40+4' is an 'anthropological mapping' of the complexreality of today’s artistic scene in Shanghai. Along with documentary filmmakers Lothar Spree and Zhu Xiawen, Davide Quadrio interviewed forty of the city’s major artists, asking a series of pre-determined questions that had been grouped by theme on a deck of cards. These thematic areas included the importance of the artist in Chinese society today, the artist’s relationship with the public, and the influence of the international art market on artistic production. Davide Quadrio’s work proposes a meta-reflection on the social relevance of contemporary art in an extremely complex society undergoing a profound transformation, as is the China of today.

Listed below are the forty artists interviewed by Quadrio. An accompanying DVD (CD.000445) is also available in the library.

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Background of the Project - Stephen WRIGHT
Art is Not Enough. Not Enough! - Lothar SPREE
Once Again: China! - Davide QUADRIO, 樂大豆
Lost in Understanding: Irrelative to Chinese Contemporary Art - ZHU Xiaowen, 朱曉聞
The Direction of Art in an Era of Collapsing Values - ZHAO Chuan, 趙川
China is So Far Away: Considerations on the Theme of a Difficult Dialogue - Francesca DAL LAGO
40+4: Art is not enough. Not enough!
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40+4: Art is not enough. Not enough!, 40+4: 藝術不能夠! 遠遠不能夠!